A hiking guide to Easter Island

The first morning after arrival, I suggest you climb Easter Island’s most spectacular volcano, Rano Kau, where Orongo, a major archaeological site, sits on the crater’s rim. But rather than marching straight up the main road to the crater, look for the unmarked shortcut trail off a driveway to the right just past the forestry station south of town. It takes under two hours to cover the six km from Hanga Roa to Orongo, but bring along a picnic lunch and make a day of it. (If climbing a 316-meter hill sounds daunting, you can take a taxi to the summit for around US$6 and easily walk back later in the day.) Once on top, you’ll find hiking down into the colourful crater presents no difficulty. It may also look easy to go right around the crater rim, but only do so if you’re a very experienced hiker and have a companion along as shear 250-meter cliffs drop into the sea from the ridge.

Another day, rise early and take a taxi to lovely Anakena Beach at the end of the paved road on the north side of the island (you should pay under US$10 for the 20 km). A few of the famous Easter Island statues have been restored at Anakena and you could go for a swim, although the main reason you’ve come is the chance to trek back to Hanga Roa around the road-free northwest corner of the island. You’ll pass numerous abandoned statues lying facedown where they fell, and the only living creatures you’re unlikely to encounter are the small brown hawks which will watch you intently from perches on nearby rocks. If you keep moving, you’ll arrive back in town in five or six hours (but take adequate food, water, and sunscreen). This is probably the finest coastal walk in the South Pacific.

Almost as good is the hike along the south coast, although you’re bound to run into other tourists here as a paved highway follows the shore. Begin early and catch a taxi to Rano Raraku, the stone quarry where all of the island’s statues were born. This is easily the island’s most spectacular sight with 397 statues in various stages of completion lying scattered around the crater. And each day large tour groups come to Rano Raraku to sightsee and have lunch. However, if you arrive before 9 am, you’ll have the site to yourself for a few hours. When you see the first tour buses headed your way, hike down to Ahu Tongariki on the coast, where 15 massive statues were reerected in 1994. From here, just start walking back toward Hanga Roa (20 km) along the south coast. You’ll pass many fallen statues and enjoy some superb scenery. Whenever you get tired, simply go up onto the highway and stick out your thumb and you’ll be back in town in a jiffy.

An outstanding 13-km walk begins at the museum and follows the west coast five km north to Ahu Tepeu. As elsewhere, keep your eyes pealed for banana trees growing out of the barren rocks as these often indicate caves you can explore. Inland from Ahu Tepeu is one of the island’s most photographed sites, Ahu Akivi, with seven statues restored in 1960. From here an interior farm road runs straight back to town (study the maps at the museum carefully, as you’ll go far out of your way if you choose the wrong road here).

A shorter hike takes you up Puna Pau, a smaller crater which provided stone for the red topknots that originally crowned the island’s statues. There’s a great view of Hanga Roa from the three crosses on an adjacent hill and you can easily do it all in half a day. A different walk takes you right around the 3,353-meter airport runway, which crosses the island just south of town. Near the east end of the runway is Ahu Vinapu with perfectly fitted monolithic stonework bearing an uncanny resemblance to similar constructions in Peru.

Easter Island’s moderate climate and scant vegetation make for easy cross country hiking, and you won’t find yourself blocked by fences and private property signs very often. You could also tour the island by mountain bike, available from several locations at US$10 a day. If you surf or scuba dive, there are many opportunities here. A minimum of five days are needed to see the main sights of Easter Island, and two weeks would be far better. The variety of things to see and do will surprise you, and you’ll be blessed with some unforgettable memories.

David Stanley is the author of Moon Handbooks South Pacific http://www.southpacific.org/pacific.html which has a chapter on Easter Island. Stanley’s online guide to Easter Island may be perused at http://www.southpacific.org/text/finding_easter.html and his Easter Island travel photos are on http://www.pacific-pictures.com/easter_island/

3 Schools Tips from Someone With Experience

Tips on Becoming a Pharmacist A lot of people dream of having a career in the pharmacy profession and that is why so many of them are striving hard to get a degree first. Really, who would want to blame these individuals for their ambition? There are so many wonderful benefits which you can get from being a pharmacist. These professionals are extremely in demand and so you wont have to worry about the kind of salary you will be getting with this kind of job because for sure, it will be huge. These professionals schedules are as flexible as they come so you can adjust to whatever time slot you think is more suitable to you. You can try a lot of different schedules, the 7am 7pm shift, the evening shifts, and even the regular 9-5 shifts as well.
A Simple Plan For Researching Resources
Third, you wont have to spend as much on pharmacy school compared to going to med school, for instance.
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Resources
You can get your license as early as your 20s as there will no need for you whatsoever to complete a year in residency. Lastly, for people who are squeamish, you will not have to worry about handling blood whatsoever. These are just some of the many advantages of becoming a pharmacist, in fact, there are still more that you have to be aware about. The ones mentioned above are simply the main benefits a person gets when he pursues such a career. How will one achieve his dream of becoming such a professional? You will have tons of options on the ideal programs which you can take; you should know the right ones as early as high school especially when you plan to enroll in a university which offers a pharmacy course. There is a program that will work in exactly the way this article will describe. First, student in high school applies for a program offered by the school. A student should be able to participate in a school pharmacy program once he satisfies all the requirements which are set by it. Make sure to check your prospective schools ahead of time since there may be some colleges which will require you to do an interview before admission. Before you undergo 3 to 4 years of pharmacy school, you need to first complete the prerequisite course while attaining high marks in the process. The best thing about this course is that you can opt to forego your residency at immediately practice at a pharmacy of your choice. Once all of that is completed then you should be able to attain your license that will certify you as a pharmacist and be deemed as a member the board of professionals in your country.

Fender FM212R Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Fender FM212R Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Tired of no-name amps that promise you power and features, but fall short? The FM 212R combo matches Fender tone and reliability with 100 watts of juiced-up power being pushed through 2 new 12 in. Fender Special Design drivers. This versatile amp features 3 channels (Clean/Drive/More Drive), on-board spring Reverb and a new Mid Contour switch that lets players dial in a multitude of distortion tones. The FM 212R looks as good as it sounds with its black control panel, black vinyl covering and grille cloth, and chrome hardware. Legendary Fender tone, tons of power and an affordable price makes the FM 212R hard to pass up. Two-button foot-switch included.

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To use it, we just have to go to the website and click the Get Started Now button. In the application, a web interface appears, with many options that will let us choose the type of diagram we wand, and then place the different components we need for it. For a web application that uses real-time movements, it presents a pretty good performance, even with not so fast internet connections. You can also register an account for free, and thus able to save diagrams to continue with them later. We can export the finished diagrams as images, either JPG or PNG.

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Discover the real New Zealand

Where is the real New Zealand?
You certainly don’t find the real New Zealand by buying a travel guide that thousands of other tourists already own. If you do that, you will end up on a supposed unbeaten track with hundreds of other ‘bulk produced tourist guide’ readers.

The real New Zealand is not a tangible location, it is not a hidden village in the mountains or by the sea, it is not a beach, nor a farm, nor a quiet city corner. You will find the real New Zealand in the people of the land and their rich culture.

Discover the real New Zealand by fishing with a Maori (an indigenous New Zealander), or shearing sheep with a Pakeha (a European White New Zealander), or singing karaoke with one of the countries broad range of immigrants. While they come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes, all New Zealanders are proud to communally call themselves ‘Kiwis’.

It is through the eyes of these Kiwis that you will discover the real New Zealand!

How do you find the real New Zealand?
Just ask. I am serious, all you need to do is ask.

New Zealanders are known worldwide for their friendly and open personality. It isn’t just a rumour; the further into New Zealand you go the friendlier the locals become.

Admittedly, Auckland is not the friendliest part of the country, but then big cities never are. But even in Auckland you will normally find at least one local who is happy to give you sound advice on what to see, where to visit, and how to get there.

Leave Auckland behind (after a good visit to the cities wonderful attractions) and you will quickly find yourself surrounded by good-natured Kiwis, ready to show you what New Zealand is all about.

Tips for getting the conversation started

  1. Look lost. Trust me on this, Kiwis always feel sorry for someone who looks lost, and because we love to show how well we know our land, chances are we will walk over and offer help.
  2. Go into the nearest open store and ask for directions, making sure the shopkeeper hears your accent. This is particularly effective if English is your second language.
  3. Be honest. Simply walk up to someone, tell him or her you are a foreign tourist, and you would like to discover the real New Zealand. They will probably call in some assistance from friends and family and plan the rest of your New Zealand holiday with you.

Good places to find the real New Zealand


Do not confuse Northland with the North Island. Northland is basically comprised of all of the land north of Auckland. Northland stretches from Orewa, a popular beach village 20 minutes north of Auckland, to Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of New Zealand. Northland offers many beautiful unspoilt beaches, wonderful diving, and some of New Zealand’s most important history. Add to this that Northland embodies a full Maori culture and you have discovered an open doorway to the Real New Zealand.

East Cape
Getting off the beaten track is easy to do on the East Cape. Driving the road that leads from Whakatane, in the sunny Bay of Plenty, around the easternmost tip of New Zealand to Gisborne is one trip not to miss. This lonely and rugged land is home to hardened farmers and fishing families who have worked this land and water throughout New Zealand’s history.

I will never forget driving this road in 2002 over a three-day weekend and experiencing a more real New Zealand than I ever knew. It is crazy for me to say this because I was raised in Whakatane and never really discovered this treasure before.

The people are amazing, the scenery and landscape is incredible, and our experience there, on the whole, was just perfect. It was the real New Zealand.

Again, this can be a tricky one. Do not confuse Southland with the South Island. Southland is the southernmost part of mainland New Zealand. Boasting the southernmost cinema in the world and various other interesting claims to fame, Southland is perhaps best known throughout the world for ‘Bluff Oysters’.

But my main reason for loving Southland is the people. ‘Southlanders’ are without a doubt the friendliest and most welcoming of all New Zealanders. They also talk a little different to the rest of us, but that is ok, we love them all the same.

The high country sheep farms of Southland are a perfect place to discover the real New Zealand. Drive north from Invercargill to the towns of Winton or Gore, ask a local farmer questions about farming or sheep, and do not be at all alarmed if you are invited for dinner or a ‘cuppa’. The real New Zealand is definitely in abundance here.

Taking the real New Zealand home
Remember these key points, and you will not only discover the real New Zealand, you will also have the trip of a lifetime.

Yes, you can lose yourself in the rugged and wild New Zealand countryside, and yes you can find ‘not so beaten tracks’ in guidebooks, but the real New Zealand is more than that. You deserve to discover the real New Zealand (especially after surviving that long flight), and it wont cost you anything.

The real New Zealand is available through the people, ‘Kiwis’; just talk to them and you will find the real New Zealand. Chances are, you will take a lot of it home with you.

Greg Scowen in a freelance travel journalist and website developer rolled into one. From his base in Switzerland, Greg maintains the ‘New Zealand Focus’ website, to share the wonders of New Zealand with the world.

The Man Blog: Soon: Dooced.

Editor: Mike Villar | Section: braingasms | | Viewed 943 times.

I am officially fucketyfucked. Why? Well you see, yesterday, I came to work and we were having some major hiccups with the office internet connection. Now I usually wouldnt give a rats with regards to stuff like these I mean come on, we are an internet company and for us, No Internet = No Work which is all shades of awesome as far as Im concerned. Besides, amongst the workforce of 50 in the office, for some reason, my station was one of the few to have uninterrupted internet access. So yeah, I pretty much spent my workday yesterday downloading all sorts of interracial/interspecies porn while the rest of my officemates tried to get their work done offline (suckers). 

The wheels came off when the IT guys told us that the cause of the aforementioned connection hiccups was some sort of spyware/malware running amuck in our system. I am about 88% sure that this is my fault because I regularly download useless software to keep me entertained while I work. I have this thing called Bonzi Buddy which is a software that makes a purple gorilla appear at random positions on my desktop, I dont know exactly what its for but its entertaining. Also, I have a similar program which makes a partially nude girl appear on random positions on my desktop and dances sexily, the pace of her dance varying depending on what type of music I play on iTunes! So when I play something like say The Pussycat Dolls Stick wit U she kinda puts on this slow sexy grind and when I switch to an Arctic Monkeys song, she kinda shimmies wildly and takes off her bra! Needless to say, in between all of these, I sometimes slip my right hand in my pocket and proceed to discreetly rub my bird from thereand when I get aroused enough, I take my business to the office john for the crescendo and the big finish which usually ends up with me blowing my jiz into a trash bin filled with used tissue paper and sanitary napkins.

Anyway, I digress. What happened was the IT guys asked us to install some sort of Spyware remover on our machines but being the huge computer idiot that I am, I wasnt able to successfully do so and instead, I asked somebody from the IT department to install it on my machine for me. Big mistake.

My Favorites Folder

The IT guys can get really forensic in terms of monitoring activities on our machines and really, all of these wouldve been fine if I dont download an average of 5 porn clips a day or write really long emails to my friends and if I dont send numerous incriminating IM messages to my coworkers.

Im fucking panicking here I swear to God. As I write this from my laptop, the IT guys are scanning my office machine and without a doubt, they will find my stash of porn, my browser, email and IM history and its only a matter of minutes now before my boss calls me into his office and a conversation like this happens:

Boss: Mike, have a seat.

Me: Um, okay, whats this about?

Boss: [Holding a printout] I would like to read this email to you and I would like to ask for an explanation from you regarding its content.

Me: [shifting uneasily in my seat] Okay.

Boss: Okay here it goes: “Pare, check out the newly hired foxes across our row. You see that one wearing a blue blazer? Shes fucking hot! She looks like a lankier version of Kyla and from where I sit, I can see her panties and her butt crack. Im fucking masturbating to this later I swear to God. She has bad skin though but Id still fucking hit it. Anyway, are we still on for later? Maybe we could ask them to join us for a drink and I could put vetsin on her beer while you distract her and hopefully Id get to fuck something else other than my [pauses for dramatic effect] refrigerator tonight. Whatever dude, just let me know! Also, did you notice that [insert boss name here] smells like vomit? Fucking drunkard.”

Also Id like to know why you felt it necessary to write this email at 11am on a Monday.

Me: Before I answer that, can I ask you something?

Boss: Go ahead.

Me: If you fire me now, am I still entitled to severance pay?

Boss: No.

Me: Shit.

Boss: “Shit” is right.

Anyway, Id like to write more about this but I think Im already in enough trouble. Besides, Im busy flipping the fuck out and calling everybody I know for job openings in their companies because Im quite sure that Id lose my job before this day ends. Please pray for me.

Tips And Informational Steps For Seo Oriented Web Design And Web Development Host Blog Development

This article tells you information about various tips and steps for seo oriented web design. After reading this article you would be able to find some of the best online solution for web design and seo services compatibility.

Here is some important steps for seo oriened webdesign.
1.Quality Content Search engine spiders, crawl the net to find Content! website has information that owner want the spiders to see and include in their index. By the creation and publication of quality content, can give the search engines more reason to return. Anyone should be finding creative ways to get content noticed and viewed as well as finding creative ways to publish fresh content on a regular basis.
2.Images Size Image size is another important thing to design a SEO Oriented website. Choose a shorter sized image whenever an image needed so it will not take more time to browse a website.
3.Meta Tags Choose appropriate Title, Description and Keywords according to content of that web page.
4.Avoid Flash and JavaScript Problem with the two technologies is that the spiders cant index through them because these take long time to browse a website. Avoid or limit use of these technologies.
5.Articles Use article content that will not be similar with other website content. It will harmful for business purpose website.
6.Heading tags Heading tags from H1 to Hn having importance, most of search engine spider can easily index content of web page that having appropriate heading tags.
7.Bold or Italic keyword Choose important keyword or links or content of a page as bold or italic or emphasized.
8.Anchor tags Choose anchor tag for particular outbound or inbound links from a web page.
9.Alt tag for image Use alt tags and title tag for images that is like as description of a image.
10.Link Exchange Back links are a popular way to increase your rankings fast in the search engines. There are two types of links in SEO Services
a)Reciprocal Link Exchange
In reciprocal link Exchange if any one webmaster will give a link from his site to other site then other webmaster have a responsibility to give a back link from website link pages. Give a hypertext for links pages from web sites home page so links can be easily reciprocate from those links pages.
b)Non Reciprocal Link Exchange
In Non Reciprocal link Exchange there is no need to give a link back to a site in response to his link.

The dream dancer’s mask

Artifact Description:
a) Weight – two and one half pounds
b) Composition – electrum – 80% gold – We need to have a thorough analysis of the composition that hopefully will provide clues as to when it was made.
c) Symbology – There are marks behind or near the eye hole(s) that the face fits snuggly into. There are horns at the top and a handle at the bottom. The amorphous shapes on the face of the mask are intentionally made to be seen as different animistic demons or forms which is in line with Bes and the earlier origins of Bes the Egyptian representative deity. Bes and Loki are both tricksters and the horns might speak to Cernunnos or other horned gods that are of the same continuum due to the travels of the Kelts or Olmecs and their Brotherhood. Shamans seek to project visions to the ritual participants in their dances or performances. Often there were mind-altering drugs or ecstatic dances involved. The mutable nature of the face of this mask suggests any viewer might witness their own personal spirit guide or the demon and elemental of their belief system pantheon.
d) Collateral artifacts – The large lipped Negroid features on some lithics that resemble the Guatemalan and La Venta artifacts are instructive and might indicate the mask comes from the same people who were in that part of the world. The Cherokee calendar and Mayan system are similarly instructive. The lions and giraffes or other non-indigenous American fauna would indicate these travelers were in North Africa. This could be the Figuig who came in 500 AD or any number of other migrations long before the likes of Juba and his Ptolemy family arrived once Rome was building an Empire they cared not to participate in. We feel it is likely that our artifacts are far earlier than Empire and we are eager to see the professional work done to establish dates that should be in line with the early dating of Poverty Point in 4000 BCE if not earlier. However we must rule out the Melungeons or pre-Columbians like those who might have left the Bat Creek artifacts. The Tennessee skeletons of pygmies might be connected if we find harmonics is the technology used in making the symbols that are almost microscopic.

The Iowa artifacts and caves of a fellow researcher have been dated to over 11,000 years ago. My book details a move south after smelting was being done in most Old World areas around 4000 BC. The rebounding of the land that still goes on as post-glacial re-adjustment caused the waters of the Great Lakes to flow in many new directions in the fourth millennium BC. One artifact in Iowa is a kaleidoscopic book of minute symbols that change as light hits it from different angles. We believe the same is true with many of our artifacts but more analysis is needed. There is a passage in Exodus that might relate. It is associated with what is called the Ten Commandments. It could relate to poured stone as Davidovits and linguists have shown Pliny describe. Even that would require man making the molds and molds are hard to make in curves such as one would expect a graven image of god to include. Here is the passage: Ex. 20:25 ‘And if thou wilt make Me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone; for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.’

We covered how the ancients used spalling to get ores from rock in this book. Spalling would likely have lead to smelting due to different metals being present in the ores these people were after. We also know that certain very hard woods produce high heats and when fires are used in caves or cenotes open to prevailing winds it produces a bellows effect. Here is a little about one metal that when present in an ore reduces the melting point of gold to approximately half of its normal melting point of 1064 degrees Celsius. “There is a 22 ct yellow gold solder with a very low melting point. {We know that Greek gold used cadmium to affect the lower melting point.} This has the composition 92.5 % gold – 6.0% germanium -1.5% silicon and is based on the ternary eutectic system. The soldering temperature is 425-450°C and although the joints are initially whitish in colour they can be heat treated for 2 hours at 285°C to give a good colour match to yellow gold.” (13)

Required Analysis:
1. How were the artifacts made? How were the symbols of minute and microscopic nature put on and into the artifacts?
a) Harmonic drills
b) Diamond drills (seems unlikely due to the small size)
c) Shamanic attunement causing lattices of matter to reflect specific designs akin to what one might see in Crop Circle formation.
2. Is there a development of technology over time which is demonstrated?
a) Is this technology mirrored in Iowa and which one is earliest?
b) What other regions of the world might have similar artifacts or designs including the Cretan bull we see. Will there be knowledge on the Luwian script found at 2200 feet below the Gulf of Mexico to tie these things together with the Carolina Bays event in 8350 BCE?
3. What was the purpose of the artisans or shamans? Is the Orisha or Yoruba possession by demons a real thing or is it a sorcerer and his psychic possession that is involved? How many witnesses to a ritual are affected and can one shaman possess many people simultaneously?
a) My personal experiences with exorcisms and possessions as well as the work of Robert Bruce and others who might be asked to attune to the artifacts in ritual.
b) Could the minute symbols include information that can be tapped through harmonics?

Action Plan:
1. Contact and begin the process of informing experts in anthropology, archaeology, chemistry (bonding and lattices or Materials Scientists like Robins and Tiller) psychology and physics about the possibilities these artifacts may portend.
2. Select one institution or expert to make an appraisal of the work done in my book that addresses the ‘who’ and ‘when’ in general terms. Maybe this person or institution will eventually seek to be the dig team managers and owners of the site. Could mining companies and investment firms be interested if the government funded institutions find it ‘too political’?
3. Try to get a ball park on the date of the electrum for purposes of focusing our efforts.
4. Get the archaeological ball park on the lithics if possible. If we are dealing with huge time frames due to the electrum being smelted (uncertain at present) then we will have a lot more research to do on the ‘who’ or what culture(s) were involved.
5. Consider auction houses and the media at junctures which might move the process along.

www.World-Mysteries.com guest expert seeking people who wish to get these artifacts brought to light in order to tell the truth of The Brotherhood that was invaded and destroyed with the use of bioweapons.

The Ways to Create And Manage Invoices Online | Cosmos Blog

Businesses have to deal with invoices all the time. Invoices need to be customized according to the client. After creating an invoice, a business needs to keep a record of it. Thus if you are running a business you could surely use tools that help you easily create and manage invoices.

Fortunately for you, today’s list covers exactly those: 6 helpful tools that create and manage invoices. Check them out below.

PaperFreeBilling is a valuable web service that helps you send invoice online to potential clients. By letting you send invoices online, in addition to creating them and managing them, the site helps you a great deal in the invoice department.

Billable is much like the first entry on this list. This web app lets you create an invoice by editing the fields on a template loaded up when you visit the site. Your finished invoice can be downloaded as a PDF file.

If you are looking for an invoice creation plus management tool, TradeShift is another you could go with. It lets you add items to your invoice along with their rates, quantity, and individual taxes

InvoiceToMe is one of my favorite invoice creation web tools. It loads a predefined invoice in your browser window. All you have to do is click on the fields to edit them. You can add items by their rate and quantity; then specify the tax percentage; the total amount is automatically filled in by the invoice. You final invoice can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Cronsync is a thorough invoice management solution. By using the service you can maintain a list of clients and the invoices you sent to them.

Invoicera is another thorough invoice management tool that small businesses will really benefit from.

Save on inkjet printing costs

To help keep your inkjet supply costs low, here are seven tips that will keep you under budget:

1) When printing inter-office, internal, personal or draft documents, use the “draft” and “grayscale” options in your printer settings. This will save on both black ink was well as color ink. Save color and standard black for your final document print.
2) Select inkjet printers that use separate black and color inkjet cartridges like the Canon “i” series. Many of these printers have 2 black and 4 color cartridges that allow you to replace only the colors that are running low, not just the one ‘color’ cartridge as many printers often do. This saves on long term cartridge costs and lengthens the time between cartridge replacements.
3) Purchase “generic” cartridges made for your printer. These are of similar quality to the manufacturer’s brand, and often at less than half the price.
4) Purchase “remanufactured” cartridges compatible with your printer. These are cartridges collected from the original owner, cleaned and re-filled with the same ink.
5) Purchase a cartridge “refill kit”. You’ll receive a kit that will allow you to refill the ink in your cartridge rather than a new cartridge. This is a great way to recycle and the quality is high and costs low.
6) Purchase your cartridges in bulk to save on shipping costs and discounts are sometimes available on larger single purchases.
7) Order your cartridges online to save time and money. Many local stores don’t carry the generic versions and costs are normally substantially lower online.

Using any combination of the tips above will save you both time and money and help you manage your inkjet printing supply needs easily.

Mark Idzik is a technology specialist and assists small business to use the web effectively. He runs www.ReviewInkjets.com where he reviews online inkjet supply companies to allow you to get the best value and selection. http://www.reviewinkjets.com