Talking To Friends And Family About Your Cancer

When you find out you have cancer, it can be frightening and overwhelming. That is why it is critical for you to be able to talk to someone about your disease and how you are feeling. You need to be able to talk about this to your loved ones and friends; they know you the best and care about you. Here are some guidelines to help you talk to these people about your disease.

The first thing that you want to do is to be straightforward and honest. You need to make sure that you explain to them how serious your cancer is, and explain to them what the doctor has said. This is going to be big news for them, but do not attempt to sugarcoat it or make it seem better than it is. People need to understand what is going on before they can understand what youre going through.

Set boundaries if you need to. Some people might start asking you questions you may not be comfortable with. If this happens, remember that it is okay for you to set boundaries. Let people know what youre not comfortable talking about, and ask people to focus on what you need to talk about. Sometimes people need to understand that there are lines they cannot cross.

Let other people help you. This can be hard if youre an independent person, but you need to understand that maintaining your workload and life is going to be more of a challenge when you feel ill. Find a good compromise so that people know what they can help you with and what they should leave to you. Remember that there will be days that you will not want people to help you, but know that the help is something you need to deal better with your disease.

Be careful that you dont isolate yourself. When you have cancer, you are going to be dealing with a lot of emotions you may not be familiar with. Your first impulse might be to cut yourself off from the world and to stay inside your house all the time. However, that is not good for you. It is much better for you to be out in the world as much as you can. If you cant get out much, it is very important for people to be able to visit you. Make sure that you engage people as often as you can so that you are not left isolated.

Let others tell you how they feel. Just as you should be honest, you should remember that other people are going to have some feelings as well. While youre the person whos going through the cancer, your disease will affect the people you care about because they care about you. Let them come to you with their fears and their feelings.

Your friends and family care about you. When you find out that you have cancer, they will likely be willing to do anything they can for you. Use the ideas in this article to make it easier for all of you.

Prostate Cancer Surgery >> Prostate Cancer Surgery Tips | Prostate Cancer Surgery Guide!

It is extremely difficult to acquire those who have not noticed something concerning the illness known as Cancer of the prostate these days. It is an extremely common disease, not only in America, but actually other countries around the globe, including the building countries.

prostate cancer surgery

This can be an ailment that generally impacts older men. The condition impinges on the prostate gland and enlarges this, thereby causing severe unwanted effects such as pain within the affected region and stress about the urethra. Lots of people might not notice the condition to the beginning. If youre going through pains in your prostate or you are experiencing any uncommon danger signal, go to your physician for proper analysis and treatment.

Prostate gland surgery is among the choices physicians use with regard to treating this prostate gland kind of most cancers. The surgery, usually, happens once the case is really a severe one and theres not one other option. Thus, prostate cancer surgery has been regarded as the last vacation resort for treating the prostate cancer surgery. The reason being cancer of the prostate has risks related to it. Consequently, physicians always employ this process when anything else techniques failed.

The majority of physicians weigh the chance as well as the advantages of the technique before getting into surgical treatment. The prostate and also the surrounding tissues tend to be removed throughout the medical operation. So, the chance of losing ones existence during or following the surgery can there be. This particular makes physicians to think about the advantages as well as risks prior to task surgery. When the advantages outweigh the risk, after that prostate cancer surgery will be deemed.

When the prostate and the encircling tissues are eliminated the man will be sterile and not capable of having children once again. This is often viewed as the crucial reason why physicians weigh your health and fitness before starting the prostate cancer surgery. Lots of people nevertheless dont be concerned regarding not being able to possess children since theyre generally old and possess currently had a lot of kids.

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Natural Herbs For Breast Enlargement The Best Way to Increase Your Breast Size-Cancer

Most women do not feel sexy whenever they lack with the breast size. Today it is no longer a problem because of the weird ways on how you can achieve the desirable breast size. One of the easy ways of increasing your breast size is trough the breast augmentation surgery, but you have to understand that this process is not for everyone. One of the reasons for this is that it is very expensive. There are lots of women who cannot afford to have this kind of surgery. Next is it is very risky to undergo such surgery. Natural Herbs For Breast Enlargement

You can never predict the possible things that may happen especially with your health. In the first place surgery is a painful process and it will leave your breast some marks. Breast augmentation is not the only way for you to increase your breast size. There are other alternatives that you can try if you really want to increase your breast size. It will be better if you are going to search and try other alternatives before resorting to breast augmentation surgery. Now there are breast enhancement pills and creams that you can use in order to enhance your breast size. There are also proper forms of exercises in order to tone all your upper body.

Natural breast enhancement pills are usually made from natural herbs ingredients that can help you increasing your breast size. These herbal ingredients, works related to those that take place during the puberty stage, when womens breast tissue begins to develop. These herbs deliver plant tissue which encourages the development of the fragile breast tissue from the inside by causing hormonal alteration. Plant estrogen is a natural product derived from plants and it is mild. Natural Herbs For Breast Enlargement

If you opt to use natural breast enhancement pills, keep in mind that there is not instant result that you can get unlike the breast augmentation surgery. It really takes time before you can actually get the desired size for your breast Those women with medium size breast usually get the desired size after two months of regular use of the pills. There are women who continue to use the pills because they notice of some positive results. It is really advantageous to use herbal remedies because it is less expensive, less health risk and painless.

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How To Support A Loved One Who Has Cancer

Helping someone with cancer is extremely difficult and you will need some guidance yourself. The following tips will be beneficial to both you and your loved one with cancer.

1. Simply listen. Although this may sound simple, it may actually be very difficult for you to hear your loved one discuss having a disease and its potential consequences. However; its about the single most important thing you can do for them.

2. Negotiate your own emotions too. You may need to seek support for yourself in order to help your loved one cope; dont hesitate to join a group of others who are helping in the same capacity as you. The emotional burden is overwhelming and in order to be the most help you have to be strong and have your own feelings sorted out.

3. Help out around the house and with errands. Lending a hand with the little things in life can be a big pick-me-up for someone who is dealing with illness; form a cleaning crew and spiff up the house or yard. Make an extra helping when you cook and bring it over or take them to dinner. Pick up their dry-cleaning or assist them in grocery shopping.

4. Take them to appointments. Many cancer patients wont be able to drive after treatments and even when they are the process may be overwhelming; offer to take them and provide all the support you can through the entire appointment.

5. Do research for them. Knowledge is power when facing cancer, but it can be difficult to learn things when you are the patient; offer to go online or make phone calls so that your loved one doesnt have to for themselves.

6. Dont hide the truth. Its one thing to soften the blow of devastating news, its another to sweep it under the rug. You have to be honest about what is going on and what is going to happen. Take cues from your loved one and follow a pace that is comfortable for them, but avoid misleading or harmful pretense.

7. Be a source of humor. Making someone laugh is a great gift and can really lift someones spirits. Its also healthy for the mind and body so do your best at being a comedian or sharing funny things that will make your friend smile.

8. Help them to find support from other victims of cancer. No matter how helpful you are to a loved one with cancer, its no substitute for being with people suffering the same fate and relating to them. Help your loved one find others in similar circumstances and encourage a fellowship that will benefit all.

9. Allow them solitude. Your loved one will probably need some time alone to reflect and deal; dont take it personally or stand in the way. Give them the space they need and take comfort in the fact that you are providing all the help that you can.

10. Say I love you often. No matter what kind of prognosis your loved one has been given, hearing those three little words can work miracles. They will uplift and empower as much as any modern medicine or machinery; they will be a constant source of inspiration and comfort.

Dealing with cancer is overwhelming and should never be done alone; what you are doing for your loved one is unbelievably heroic. Remember to take care of yourself, too.

Cancer Of The Pleura Blog: January 2006

Elizabeth Hoffmann of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a survivor of radon induced lung cancer. Although she has never smoked, her 15-year exposure to dangerous levels of radon in her home resulted in doctors having to remove the cancerous lower lobe of her left lung prior to her 38th birthday.

(PRWEB) January 4, 2006 — Elizabeth Hoffmann of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a survivor of radon induced lung cancer. Although, she has never smoked, her 15-year exposure to dangerous levels of radon in her home resulted in doctors having to remove the cancerous lower lobe of her left lung prior to her 38th birthday.

More than a year ago, Liz announced the creation of a new website for Cancer Survivors Against Radon Its purpose is to put a face on radon by empowering sufferers of radon-induced lung cancer (and their families) with a unified voice and to prevent LC victims from remaining clueless.

Since few oncologists provide a potential explanation for the cause, most non-smokers diagnosed with lung cancer never make the association with radon exposure. Liz would remain clueless herself, if it had not been for the determination of her family to find out why. Her cousin mentioned radon as a possibility to her father, who tested Liz’s house for radon upon her return from the hospital. The results were over twice EPA’s Recommended Radon Action Level.

The CANSAR Registry enables non-smoking lung cancer patients and their families to register with the organization and order a free radon test kit for their home. Survivors and their families can choose to join others who are committed to warning the public about the danger of indoor radon. Approximately 50% of the people diagnosed with lung cancer have never smoked or are former smokers, including a 17% occurrence in never smokers.

“While it is obviously too late to preclude our cancer, our stories may convince others to prevent deadly radon exposure by testing and fixing,” says Liz. “We can also shape public policy by convincing lawmakers and government agencies to treat the radon issue and lung cancer with the seriousness it deserves. But it’s difficult to put together an advocacy group when 85% of the victims die within five years of being diagnosed. They’re just struggling to survive”.

Lucky for Liz, they caught her cancer early. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and EPA blame radon exposure for the deaths of 21,000 Americans annually. But, their deaths, like Liz’s cancer, could have been prevented. A simple radon test at the time she bought her home in 1988 would have alerted her and her husband to fix their house before moving in.

In April of this year Dennie Edwards, a real estate agent for Realty-One in Elyria, Ohio went to the doctor with a very bad cold. After the doctor performed a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia, he was shocked to find a 4.5-centimeter mass in his left lung. Like Liz, Dennie had never smoked. But, even though he had been a real estate agent for 31 years, he had never bothered to test his house for radon.

“To protect my liability, I always informed my clients that radon testing prior to purchase was an option, but truthfully, I really didn’t care if they tested or not,” says Dennie. “Now I had to wonder whether my lung cancer had been caused by radon exposure.”

While the doctor scheduled his surgery, Dennie scheduled a radon test. The result was 10 pCi/l, (two and a half times the EPA’s recommended Action Level). He had lived in the home for 12 years. He immediately called a contractor to have a mitigation system installed. Two days later he had surgery.

“I thought I was surely going to die,” says Dennie. “When I woke up choking with tubes in my throat, panic set in.” They had removed his entire left lung.

“I’m getting better. I can walk up to a mile,” he continues. “ But, I can no longer dance, lift things, or exert myself. My clients now get a very personal testimonial about the importance of testing for radon.”

Dr. Lane Mathis Price, Medical Director and Oncologist at the Decatur (AL) General Oncology Center has seen her share of lung cancer victims.

“People come into my office and say Doc Price I just don’t understand it. How can this happen to me? I don’t smoke. Nobody ever smokes around me. How can I have lung cancer?”

“Convincing the public that radon is dangerous is made more difficult because the nation’s leading housing authority, (the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) refuses to take action to prevent radon exposure in our homes,” says Price. “ HUD requires a termite letter to qualify for a mortgage, yet to my knowledge a termite never killed anybody. Why are they not requiring a radon test?”

“Never underestimate the importance of prevention in all aspects of your life,” warns Dr. Michael Dick, Director of Internal Medicine at Decatur Adult Medicine. “If you’re a lung cancer victim aware of all the ways it is impacting you and your family — you’d be kicking yourself if you knew something a simple as a radon detection device would have allowed you to prevent this from occurring.”

“There also needs to be a much greater effort to find a cure,” explains Liz. “Even though lung cancer kills more Americans than breast, prostate and colorectal cancers combined, very little money is spent on lung cancer research.”

In 2003, approximately $1,740 was spent on research per lung cancer death, compared with:$13,649 per breast cancer death, $10,560 per prostate cancer death and $4,581 per colorectal cancer death.

# # #

Press Contact: Dallas Jones
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 678-895-1639

Managing Cancer Through Positive Steps

Cancer is an all too common diagnosis and a leading cause of death. No wonder people are alarmed when they are first diagnosed. But fighting the tendency toward fear and anxiety is crucial to overcoming cancer successfully. You need to put your mind and spirit actively to work to help you fight the disease. Bring to bear all your capacities to understand it and take action. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Gain as much specific knowledge as possible about your own diagnosis. There are many types of cancer. Know the prognosis, and try to get a second opinion on it, and on the best treatment options. When you choose an option, face squarely what it is going to mean: it may include weakness, tiredness, hair loss, difficulty in digesting food and other debilitating effects. Being prepared will help you endure these things better. Remind yourself that it is for a limited time. With successful treatment, you will emerge beyond this condition. Make plans for your future, sharing these with your family and friends.

Know your doctors entire treatment plan from beginning to finish. Why are these treatments the right ones and what exactly will they do? Your doctor will be part of a team of medical professionals. You want to talk with all of them and gain as much information and advice as you can. Understanding the treatment and complying with all aspects will help it be successful. Advice may include things like an exercise program, what foods to eat, aid to your immune system, and participation in a support group. Understanding the reason for these will help you make the effort to do them.

If you had some bad health habits that may have contributed to the disease, start changing these right away. Obviously, if you smoke or consume much alcohol, you need to drop these habits right away. But eating habits such as consuming too much sugar and refined carbohydrates may also be a factor. They may have weakened your immune system, inhibiting your body from fighting off the disease. Learn what foods to avoid in the future. Learn about cruciferous vegetables and their role in fighting cancer. Changes in your former lifestyle may be the key to avoiding cancer returning in the future.

The effects of radiation and cancer medications are well known. The tiredness will make it hard for you to get up and go out for some exercise, or continue social engagements. But studies show that it will help your prognosis if you do exercise and stay active socially.

You will learn a lot from your support group about cancer treatment options. You can also learn a great deal online or from books. There are centers that specialize in cancer treatment only, and there are alternative courses of treatment from the mainstream one. It is good to know about these and keep them in mind.

Taking these positive steps will help you look forward to your future beyond the treatment phase, and will help the treatment to be successful. You can have a future that is cancer-free.

Gifts for Cancer Patients and Spirit-Boosting Ideas

Flowers are lovely – and most people love getting flowers. But if you want to be more original, here are some suggestions of gifts for cancer patients and spirit-boosting ideas:

  • Offer to go along for the chemo treatment
    Chemo treatments are rather boring. You just sit there and let the drugs drip, drip, drip. This can take hours. Even if you can’t go for the duration of the treatment, offer to go for a couple of hours – having someone there to chat with besides the nurses and other cancer patients is a welcome change. Plus, maybe your friend’s spouse or close relative would like a break from being on constant duty – this is good way to give that person a break, too.
  • Chemo Day Presents
    This is something my very creative aunt did for me when I was going through chemo treatments, and I loved it! On the days I had a chemo treatment scheduled, she would bring a small gift over to my house – it was usually waiting for me right outside the front door when I returned home from the hospital. It was never anything big or expensive – it didn’t need to be – just little gifts that she knew I’d like. Candy, bottles of lotion, funky pens to write with, books, whatever.

    This is also an easy thing to do if you live far away from your friend with cancer – you can send packages three days or so before her treatments with instructions to open on chemo day!

    Check out the items available in the shop here, or search for your own.

  • Milestone Celebrations
    Find out when your friend’s last chemo or radiation treatment is scheduled for – and then organize a dinner or throw a party a week later to help them celebrate reaching that milestone!

    My Chicago friends threw me a “Cancer-Free” party about a month after my doctor told me I was in remission – and that’s something I will always remember them doing. It meant a lot to me that they wanted to help mark the occasion.

    Make sure you ask your friend before organizing a Milestone Party – he may not feel up to being the center of attention. If that’s the case, then resort to one of the other ideas mentioned here.

  • Send flowers
    Now, I know I just said that getting flowers for someone with cancer is unoriginal…BUT if that person absolutely adores irises, then make her day! Send irises! Any gesture that you put thought into will be very much appreciated by your friend.

    I have always loved the consistent quality and variety that ProFlowers offers. Check them out by clicking the link below:

    Flowers & Gifts from $19.99 with FREE vase at ProFlowers!

  • Make dinner
    This is especially appropriate if the person who has cancer has a family to feed. Cancer treatments can leave one feeling rather exhausted (and sometimes downright sick), so making a meal for their family is the last thing they want to do. Take over a lasagna and a loaf a garlic bread, and you’ll be seen as a savior in the eyes of your friend – and their family!
  • Send a care package or thoughtful gift
    This is a great idea if you live far away from the person fighting cancer. Put together a care package of things the person likes: books, magazines, candy, etc. and send it to their home.
  • Even better, if you know your friend has a special interest or hobby, cater to that – for example, my friends know that I love wine. I got four shipments of wine delivered to me throughout my treatments from different friends around the country (I really like wine). And even though I couldn’t drink wine during various parts of my treatment, I still really appreciated the gesture – and I got to drink it later when I was feeling better!

  • Spa / Massage Gift Certificates
    Massages, facials, and other similar pampering is one of the best ways for anyone to relax – especially if you are going through cancer treatments. There’s just something about a spa pedicure or massage that whisks you away from reality for a while, and that is a very welcome experience if you’re fighting cancer. If you’re looking for a gift that serves the mind, body, and spirit, a spa gift certificate is definitely your best bet.
  • Oral Cavity Cancer

    cavity cancer includes many areas of the mouth, like: the lip, alveolar
    ridge (area right behind the top front teeth), retromolar trigone
    (small area behind wisdom teeth), under the tongue, buccal mucosa
    (the lining inside the lips and cheeks), the tongue and hard palate.
    30,000 people are diagnosed with oral cavity cancer each year.

    Studies have shown that if a person smokes
    or drinks
    alcohol they are most likely to get oral cancer. The treatments
    for Oral Cavity include surgery and radiation,
    though there are a few alternative Oral Cavity treatments that can
    be researched upon.

    Statistic wise, Oral Cancer of the lip occurs in 4,000 people in
    the US each year. 90% of those cases occur in men. Risk factors
    include smoking
    pipes or cigarettes and sun exposure. Cancer of the alveolar
    ridge and retro trigone account for 10% of people diagnosed with
    oral cancer. Oral Cancer thats underneath the tongue develops
    3 times more common in men then women. Symptoms are usually present
    as infiltrating lesions that are extremely painful.

    What is cancer of the lip and oral cavity?

    Cancer of the lip and oral cavity is a disease in which cancer
    (malignant) cells are found in the tissues of the lip or mouth.
    The oral cavity includes the front two thirds of the tongue, the
    upper and lower gums (the gingiva), the lining of the inside of
    the cheeks and lips (the buccal mucosa), the bottom (floor) of the
    mouth under the tongue, the bony top of the mouth (the hard palate),
    and the small area behind the wisdom teeth (the retromolar trigone).

    A doctor should be seen if a person finds a lump in the lip, mouth,
    or gums, finds a sore in the mouth that doesnt heal, or has
    bleeding or pain in the mouth. Another sign of a cancer of the mouth
    or gums is when dentures no longer fit well. Often lip and oral
    cavity cancers are found by dentists when examining the teeth.

    If there are symptoms, a doctor will examine the mouth using a
    mirror and lights. The doctor may order x-rays of the mouth. If
    tissue that is not normal is found, the doctor will need to cut
    out a small piece and look at it under the microscope to see if
    there are any cancer cells. This is called a biopsy. The patient
    will be given a substance to take feeling away from the area for
    a short time (a local anesthetic) so no pain is felt. The doctor
    will also feel the throat for lumps.

    The chance of recovery (prognosis)
    depends on where the cancer is in the lip or mouth, whether the
    cancer is just in the lip or mouth or has spread to other tissues
    (the stage), and the patients general state
    of health.

    Cancer and Taurus Man and Woman Love Compatibility

    Compatibility between Cancer and Taurus

    Find out how the Cancer and Taurus Zodiac Signs match together

    The love match between a Cancer and a Taurus is anything but less than perfect. Both of these two zodiac signs would rather have a relaxed night in the comfort of their home than in the hustle and bustle of a mall or movie hall. They would prefer to have a nice dinner and snuggle up inside a blanket on their special nights. The company and exclusive loving attention of one is more important to the other than anything else. Both of these zodiac signs will not care about their neighbours and friends when they have their intimate moments; this nature may render them to be an antisocial couple.

    However, the couple can brave any trouble that the world decides to impress upon them thanks to the Taurus qualities, as he will be the one to provide security, and at the same time be sensitive to the needs of his partner. On the other hand, the Cancer lover will keep the match grounded. The Crab will make sure that the family stays together and that everyone is socially involved in the couple. Both will evoke the finest qualities of each other and the differences will almost be ignored in the dreamy couple. The Cancer and the Taurus will almost always be delighted when in the company of one another and a sense of insecurity can be detected whenever one of the lovers is away. A sense of loss prevails and both crave for each other.


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    Cancer Woman and Taurus Man

    Faith and love will abound in their home as none of the Taurus or Cancer are prone to wandering. The Cancer woman’s caring nature will provide them with a cosy home, which is a luxury the Taurus man always wanted and will surely appreciate. On the other hand, the Cancer woman will never get bored in the relationship for the Taurus man will amuse her in many ways. Their love life will be high on intimacy and adventure thanks to the Taurus man’s personality. He will be the complete man, providing safety, while the Cancer woman will be the perfect wife for him.

    Cancer Man and Taurus Woman

    The union between the Taurus woman and the Cancer man might be the perfect love match. The temperamental Cancer man will be kept in control by the sensitive and tactful Taurus woman. He will be faithful and trustworthy in every way and she will provide him with the loving surroundings he always wanted. Their support for each other is undoubting. There is no lack of intimacy in this relationship. Both of these zodiac signs fond of the more basic things in life and are happy sharing each other’s space. Family and friends form the back bone of their blissful union and they look for nothing else than each other’s company.

    Cancer People

    With cancer so prevalent among today’s society, it’s no wonder people
    everywhere are looking for means of cancer support and resources
    to help them cope with the diesease. To help this we have made some
    topic pages to help and inform you about cancer, so that you may
    better understand what you can do about the diesease, and where
    and how to get help. Clicking on the links below will take you to
    the appropriate page.

    We at Cancer People want to help every way we can.
    So please feel free to check out the links to other helpful sites
    and orgs. These cancer resources and support sites can help you
    better understand and cope with cancer, whether its for yourself,
    or a loved one.

    A wonderful site, full of helpful tips, success stories, and in
    depth information. is one of the leading cancer website

    This is the site for the National Cancer Institute. Very reliable,
    and credible, you can find many things you need to know, and what
    to expect, when you or a loved one is dealing with cancer.

    This is the site for the American Cancer Society. The American
    Cancer Society is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health
    problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering
    through research education.

    One of the top cancer sites for those in the UK. Cancer Research
    UK is UK’s leading cancer charity. This site has a wealth of information
    about the charity and about cancer. This site has many ways for
    you to help donate to the cause.

    Site of the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation. A great
    site focused on the prevention and understanding of cancer.

    Home of the Skin Cancer Foundation. A cancer site focused specifically
    on skin cancer.

    Home site of the National Cancer Institute. This is a wonderful
    site full of help and information, especially on the research going
    on regarding all the different cancers.