BMW Navigator V Adventure Motorcycle GPS Review

The BMW Navigator Adventure GPS represents BMW’s same philosophy of applying the efficiency of the latest technology along with the refinement of easily using their products for the benefit of the user. This has been a long-standing testament with regard to the cars and motorcycles that they put out which should be considered more than an assurance that customers are getting what they paid for in terms of quality. BMW has been including navigational accessories in their vehicles for a long time now, but it was only just recently that BMW decided to source out their GPS technology from a company that knows how to really make GPS navigational systems which is no other than Garmin. Garmin navigational systems are world renowned for their accuracy and durability and have been used by explorers and world travelers in some of the most remote locations on Earth. As far as BMW is concerned, Garmin is one of the best manufacturers that meet with BMW’s standards of excellence.

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The Navigator V Adventure GPS uses the latest technology in satellite navigation, which has an improved ability of pinpointing your actual location under any circumstances, whether you are in between deep canyons or behind tall structures such as high rises, its geocaching features will give you your current location in real time. Specifically designed for motorcycle use, the Navigator Adventure was made to withstand the harshest road conditions, including increment weather as it is expected to perform regardless of any driving conditions. Built to be shockproof and resistant to most corrosive elements such as acids and oils, its heavy duty crack resistant plastic casing is completely leak-proof from outside moisture including its rechargeable battery pack to ensure that the Navigator Adventure lives up to its purpose. Besides having a pre-loaded map, users can also upload their own maps or even generate their own maps using topographic data. As for its power supply, the Navigator Adventure has a dual battery system which extends its operating time by as much as 22 hours which is quite useful should you find that the Lithium-Ion batteries of the GPS system are nearly discharged in which you can easily substitute ordinary double “A�? batteries to continue navigating through your route.


There is no question about the Navigator V Adventure’s features as it was made by Garmin using current navigational technology under the strict specification of BMW. Weighing in at 5 pounds, it may be considered a bit heavier and bulkier than most GPS systems with the same LCD screen display size of 4.3 inches. Given that the manufacturers emphasized more in putting more battery power to enable it to operate for as long as 16 to 22 hours since the Navigator was specifically designed for motorcycle driving, the bulk of its weight came from having a heavier battery pack along with being able to utilize double “A�? batteries for emergency purposes. Since the entire casing of this GPS system was built around to provide adequate protection for its internal components, along with having most of its weigh at the back portion where its battery pack is located, the whole device is sealed off from moisture and dust by a silicon rubber membrane that goes around the entire casing.


The BMW Navigator V Adventure has a 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen display that features a self adjusting brightness setting that automatically conforms to any lighting condition, even during mid day. This gives users with low visual acuity a more detailed view of the maps on the screen. It automatically adjusts to night mode just as soon as the lighting conditions start to dim which is convenient when you are driving into the sunset. There are two standard presets that come with the Navigator Adventure in which users can choose between car and motorcycle settings, which can be fully customized according to your driving needs.

People are usually bothered by the presence of a lot of control interface on their touchscreen in which most of the time they often end up touching the wrong button. This can be a bit annoying since most people only use 3 controls while navigating and it is nice to know that you can ignore the other controls, which are not really essentially used while driving. The battery life cycle has been further extended as you can also use ordinary double “A�? batteries in conjunction with its standard Lithium-Ion battery pack if in any case that it runs low in power.

Its standard Lithium-Ion battery enables the Navigator Adventure to operate for a straight 16 to 22 hours on one single charge, though battery charge will never be a problem if you will be using this GPS system in your vehicle or on your motorcycle since it can be connected to a cigarette charging port. Map and data storage will not be a problem since the Navigator Adventure has an expandable MicroSD slot which enables you to load a lot of maps up to 16 gigabytes of data.

This also enables you to share your route and traveling information such as waypoints to your friends along with the ability to update the latest maps over the air (OTA) or even directly access map data from the Internet while you are navigating along your route. As for its accuracy, the Navigator Adventure has a 3 axis gyroscopic compass that gives you an accurate reading on your current location, which does not require you to have a steady hand in handling it. Unlike other GPS systems that require you to steadily hold your device as it determines your true location.


Judging by how Garmin manages to make LCD touch screens that are both responsive and visually readable under any lighting conditions, the BMW Navigator Adventure is remarkably vibrant as well as very responsive in automatically adjusting the brightness and contrast setting according with prevailing lighting conditions without the need for user intervention as it is a factory setting that comes out of the box as users can enable or disable this feature any time they want to suit their own purpose. A 4.3 inch touchscreen is big enough for any navigational need as it is big enough as not to obscure the view of your instrument panel.

Final Thoughts:

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Conclusion of this motorcycle GPS review is that the BMW Navigator V Adventure can perform very well with regard to people’s expectation of what a good quality GPS system can do for you under any circumstances, whether that be on a dashboard or on a motorcycle’s handlebar as it is pitted against any weather or road condition that you might encounter along the way. Given the fact that it was designed using Garmin’s innovative technology, its accuracy in giving your location along with its extended battery life is more than enough to ensure you that you will be able to get to your destination without any problem. At a price range of $799, it may be quite a bit expensive although you must consider that you have the best of both brand names as BMW and Garmin riding along with you and guiding you on every turn you make. It even comes with a free cradle mount for your car or your motorcycle, but you have to keep in mind on where you intend to attach you GPS system since you can order the complete package for either your car or for your motorcycle only. Optional mounting systems can be bought separately since BMW wants to assure customers that quality is very important to them as they specifically design their GPS mounting as a whole unit which can not be interchanged to fit other mounting purposes other than what was originally specified.

Motorcycle Intercom System | The Best Motorcycle GPS Reviews

While some riders enjoy peace and tranquility as they travel on the roads to their destination, there will be times when a rider would like to talk to another rider or to his/her passenger or other bikers you’re touring with.

A rider’s best bet in such a scenario is to acquire a motorcycle intercom. With this innovation, a rider can easily communicate either with his passenger or with another rider within a given distance without compromising safety.

Unlike in headsets of mobile phones where you have to shout loudly for the person on the other line to hear you, an intercom lets users talk clearly even at highway speeds with all the wind and the road noise.

Understanding Motorcycle Intercoms and How They Work

Motorcycle intercoms are basically designed to make communication and navigation easier for riders. The intercom itself is normally attached to full-sized helmets. They are usually easy to install and located at a close proximity to the mouth. Some still remain to have controls which feature either buttons or a jog dial feature. Regardless, the aim is to make life easier for riders.

Most of these intercoms today work through Bluetooth technology which feature universal pairing with other intercoms. With this kind of technology, riders can also play music by pairing the headset with their own smartphones or music players. Bluetooth truly gives more options for a better and improved riding experience.

Now if you are not the type who really would want to talk or even listen to music as you ride your bike, you still have got nothing to lose with at least having one just in case the need arises.

Some people are still questioning the safety of these devices. Yes, they require minimal to no hand involvement as one can use voice prompts instead but some say it still acts as a distraction that could potentially lead to accidents.

There is no room for distraction when one is on the motorcycle. But for those times when you have no choice but to talk to another rider or your passenger, a motorcycle headset provides the safest solution.

A Broad Overview of the Different Types

Since most say that having an intercom turns what is normally a solitary riding experience to a sociable one, every rider must consider having one. Besides with the variety of types and prices available in the market today, it is simply impossible for one not to find the perfect intercom for his/her needs.

To educate you more, here is a broad overview of the different types in the market today:

  1. Wired Motorcycle Intercom

This is considered the most basic electronic intercom. It has a central box that houses the battery and the electronics. Wire is of course present that runs from the central control box to the rider or the passenger. Given the basic electronic technology used in this system, one can forget about the external interferences as one would normally encounter in wireless intercom system technologies.

Most modern wired intercoms today lets users plug an FRS/GMRS radio which is activated through voice recognition. While this seems a simple, suitable, and cheap option, the wires remain a common complaint by most riders and the somewhat tedious work of plugging and unplugging the units each and every time one gets in and out the vehicle.

  1. Wireless Intercom Technology

This is the latest type of intercom technology which is most preferably used by manufacturers today. This is also the broadest as several radio technologies can be used to achieve its wireless form namely GMRS, FRS, FM, and Bluetooth. While Bluetooth is probably the one you know best, it is still worth knowing the other radio technologies especially before shopping for a motorcycle intercom.

The GMRS or General Mobile Radio Service and FMS or Family Radio Service works similarly. Do you still remember playing with walkie talkies when you were younger? These work similar to that as the intercoms can work within miles from each other. FRS is said to work in a range of two miles while the GMRS may work more than a few miles depending on public frequencies.

The thing to remember with GMRS and FMS is that since they work within public frequencies, you can expect to hear conversations picked up on that frequency so privacy becomes quite questionable.

For the Frequency Modulation or FM radio technology, a narrower frequency is used so one can expect a clearer sound but within a given distance and without any tall barriers or obstructions such as mountains or tall buildings.

Lastly, the Bluetooth, everyone’s current favorite, not only makes wireless communication possible, easier, and safer but it also paves way for more private conversations. However, this type of wireless intercom technology features a shorter distance for communication than the others but definitely way clearer and not everybody can listen to your conversations without access code given.

In addition, Bluetooth intercoms come with a whole lot of other features such as music pairing and GPS. With this, you can also pair with your smartphone, GPS device, and music players. Everything is likely to be voice prompted which still puts safety first. However, most still come with either buttons or jog dials for easy access.

Bluetooth motorcycle communication systems offer a number of great features. Check these out:

  • Noise cancellation which eliminates wind and road noise especially on fast speeds.
  • Buttons may be a little tricky especially for those who frequently wear thick gloves.
  • Jog Dial feature is becoming a favorite as it proves to be easier to use even with gloves.
  • Voice prompt controls
  • GPS navigation features
  • Music pairing
  • Not-so-loud volume because of the noise cancellation feature.
  • Allows people from group of two to a group of 3 or more to communicate effectively within a specific distance.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying

Now that you know the different types and how they work, we can now proceed to the things that one should carefully consider before making a purchase. With the wide variety of types, sizes, design, and price ranges of the motorcycle intercoms available in the market today, choosing that perfect one for you and your needs can be tricky.

Remember that most of the devices in the market today pretty much offer the same thing with probably similar ads. It will be up to you to determine which one is telling the truth. If you are still confused as to which one to get, you might want to check out some real-people reviews on the internet today. It would not hurt to see what other people are saying most especially given the fact that they have already tried it.

  1. Types

We have already stated the types above and now it is time for you to choose. The current favorites of most consumers today are the wireless motorcycle headset/intercoms by Sena and Scala. These are easy to use, intuitive, and have a long lasting talk and standby time which makes them suitable for those who frequently travel long miles with a bunch of friends or family members.

  1. Range

This is the second most important thing when considering a motorcycle headset. Ask yourself if you will be using it to communicate with other riders or with your passenger only. If you frequently travel alone or with a passenger but never with a group of friends, then you can trim down your options.

You also have to take into consideration the road you frequently travel. If you are always on an open terrain, you might want to get the one which offers a longer distance. Experts say a half a mile will probably be a safe choice.

  1. Single or Multiple Rider

Most Bluetooth intercoms today actually allow more than one connection. However, this is still something to remember just to be safe if you come across an incredibly cheap motorcycle headset.

There also are devices today that offer conferencing where three or more people can easily hear and speak while on the road without any problems. If you are to choose this feature, remember to pair it up with a longer range. A common complaint of riders is that conference is usually lost in distances though it easily reconnects once they are all back in the allowed distance.

  1. Mobile Phone Pairing

Some motorcycle intercoms allow one pair to connect while some allow more than one. Now, while you would not probably want to make your motorcycle riding experience a bit too complicated with this, it is still something to think about.

With mobile phone pairing, one can do voice dialing and answering without having to lift a single finger off the vehicle. With regards to music, you cannot transfer music from one headset to another. Your audio device such as music player or smartphone is the one that is going to transmit the audio using a splitter.

  1. Sound Quality

If this is of utmost importance to you, you might want to check out Scala intercoms because they have the best audio booster which experts say tops their list among the numerous Bluetooth intercoms they have tried and reviewed

It would be best to choose a headset that not only has noise reduction but volume as well. You have to understand that while noise reduction works wonders, it has a great effect on volume so best choose one that has a volume feature as well.

  1. Battery Life

Most modern motorcycle headsets today have quite a long talk time and an even longer standby time with some lasting up to seven days on standby mode. This would be up to you and your budget on which to choose. But if you are wondering which brand has the best battery life, Scala has the current longest run time with a quick and short charging time. In addition, you can still use the headset/intercom even while charging.

  1. Waterproof

Weather is always a factor to consider in buying gadgets when riding a motorcycle. You never know when it will rain or snow and therefore, your headset must be waterproof. Choose the one that meets IP66 waterproof standards.

  1. Ease of Installation

Most motorcycle intercoms today feature a clamp design for easy installation, removal, and even reinstallation. Most units also fit standard full-sized helmets.

  1. Durability

What you can do here is choose the one that looks and feels the most durable and made from highest quality materials. Remember, you will be exposing the device to a number of external factors including environmental ones, hence, the great need for durability. Next to the high quality Sena and Scala brands, you can opt for the budget brand Shark which manufactures an affordable device.

  1. Which Brand / Model

As stated above, the high quality brands are Sena and Scala. They manufacture headsets in price ranges from around $100 to almost $400. Currently the most popular models are the Sena SMH10D-11, Sena SMH5-02, Scala Rider Q3 and the Scala Rider G9. If you are on a tight budget, you could consider the Shark or U-Clear.

Finding the best motorcycle intercom can be tricky but not impossible. Now that you know what to look for and the things you should consider, you should have no problem trimming down your options until you are down with the one most suitable for you and your needs.

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Cardo Scala Rider G9 Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Review

With a capacity of letting up to 8 riders communicate effectively and clearly in a full duplex mode, the Cardo Scala Rider G9 Powerset is indeed the most sociable pair. Package includes pre-paired G9 units which are totally set to give motorcycle riders an overabundance of advanced communication and entertainment features.

The Cardo Scala Rider G9 makes pairing faster and easier especially if you are going to connect with another Rider G9. There is simply no wasted time with this sociable headset/intercom. Use the voice activation feature to make calls to your co-riders or turn on some music. More than that, riders of up to a distance of 1 mile or 1.6 km can easily be connected.

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The Cardo Scala Rider G9 took the common motorcycle communication system to a higher notch. It incorporated a social media platform into the headset/intercom. As a result, you get a headset that tells you more information than the usual GPS instructions and radio announcements/music. Check out this long list of other sociable and technical features of this amazing G9 Powerset:

  • Intercom conferencing of up to 4 other Scala Rider users within a distance of 1.6 km in full duplex
  • 4-way: 2 riders and 2 passengers
  • 3-way: 3 separate bikers
  • 2-way: rider-to-rider or rider-to-passenger
  • One+8 Intercom Toggle between 8 additional G9 users
  • Click-to-Link for instant intercom connections with G4/G9 users
  • Mobile phone conference mode
  • GPS navigation compatible
  • Compatible with most MP3 players via A2DP, cable also included
  • Built-in FM radio with RDS
  • 6 station presets with smart auto scan
  • Radio time 8-10 hours
  • Radio muting for calls
  • Priority Management between music, GPS instructions, and calls
  • iPhone compatible
  • Cardo Community Platform for social media features
  • Simultaneous Group Signals for up to 8 fellow riders
  • Customizable emergency/hot-dial number
  • Multilingual status announcements
  • Voice command or button push for calls
  • Dual ultra-slim HD speakers
  • Self-adjusting speaker volume
  • Packet Loss Concealment
  • Customizable voice control
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • 13 hours talk time
  • Standby time of up to 1 week


Cardo Scala Rider G9

The Rider G9 Powerset of Cardo Scala may be famously regarded as the sociable pair but nevertheless, it still gives a superior performance unlike any other. It is easy to use and works even better. It is satisfaction at its finest.

  1. Firmware Updates

Do not for a second think that you do not need this. If your intercom is still working properly but another new system with better features has been released, you might want to upgrade your headset in order for it to gain the latest capabilities. This actually saves you a lot considering that you do not need to change motorcycle headset whenever a new one comes out.

  1. The Handy Social App

The Cardo App (Apple and Google) which is the social platform used for this specific motorcycle headset system is so handy and easy to use that you would never want to give it up. In addition, one can do a lot of things as most features are accessible through this app. It may not be as important as having clear conversations but then Cardo showed they would go out of their way for the benefit of their dear customers.

  1. The Unbridled Efficiency

The Cardo Scala Rider G9 Powerset offers a plethora of amazing features but at the end of the day, you get your basic need which is a crystal clear sound and voice quality at its best. Even the voice recognition system is amazing.

Final Verdict

Save Money by Buying on Amazon

Another proof of this headset’s sociability is the Cardo Community social media platform where owners can personalize their intercoms, upgrade the software, and even organize tours and adventure with fellow riders. All riders surely benefit from a good headset and the Cardo Scala Rider G9 truly stays true to its goal of being the most sociable pair today without sacrificing the basic necessities of a motorcycle rider.

If this is your first time to use a Scala, it might take a bit of time exploring and getting used to all its wonderful features. However, once you get the hang of it, chances are you are never going to change intercom until it gives up on you.

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Scala Rider Teamset Pro Intercom Review

The Cardo Scala Rider Teamset Pro intercom brings exactly what every motorcycle rider needs – hassle-free wireless hands-free communication without sacrificing quality or comfort. In addition, it even offers entertainment to keep riders wide awake as they take on long and winding roads to reach their destination.

These are actually pre-paired identical Bluetooth headsets which are carefully engineered to enhance every motorcycle rider’s riding experience. It lets riders receive and make outgoing calls without having to lift a single finger therefore promoting safety at all times.

Click Here for Customer Reviews


If you frequently ride with a passenger or with another rider, you may want to check out the product details of the Teamset Pro motorcycle headset. It comes pre-paired which simply means you can use it right away straight out of the box.

  • Bluetooth v2.0 Class 2 Chip
  • VOX Technology
  • Full Duplex Motorcycle Intercom
  • GPS Navigation device compatible
  • MP3 player compatible either through Bluetooth or cable
  • Weather protected
  • Fits full-faced and 3/4 helmets
  • Easy and quick installation
  • AGC Technology
  • Dual Ultra-Slim Speakers
  • Talk time of up to 10 hours
  • Standby time of up to 1 week
  • Rechargeable Li-Po battery
  • Charging time of 3 hours
  • Noise cancellation
  • Waterproof/Dustproof
  • Rugged Durable Design

Pros and Cons

Most customers who have bought this motorcycle intercom say that it truly gives the bang for the buck. Let us discuss further why they think so.

  1. Latest Technology Audio Features

First on the list is the AGC technology which automatically adjusts the speaker volume depending on the ambient noise it picks up and the driving speed. The Cardo Scala Rider Teamset Pro will actually be the one to adjust on your situation and environment so you can drive safely. But for times where manual interference is needed, this can be manually adjusted as well through the buttons present.

Second is the VOX technology which lets motorcycle riders accept or reject calls through voice commands. In addition, this also has a speaker booster to make you understand what the person on the other line is saying.

  1. Ergonomics

You will love not just the design but its comfortable functionality. This fits most helmets and has ultra slim speakers ensuring that it would not interfere with the fitting. It even features a quick release mechanism for the headset.

  1. Functionality and Entertainment

This Cardo Scala Rider model is without a doubt a highly functional Bluetooth headset. It lets riders and passengers talk and listen simultaneously with its full duplex feature. This is also responsible not just for a clear intercom but for crystal clear mobile phone conversations as well.

Final Verdict

Save $$$ By Buying on Amazon

The Teamset Pro of Cardo Scala Rider also has been specifically designed to maximize comfort and maneuverability to ensure that the motorcycle rider will always be at ease with it. In addition, the Rider Teamset Pro by Cardo Scala also has available added upgrades for those who want to take things up a notch and experience the most definitive motorcycle communication system.

It is voice activated which takes most of the burden from your hands when trying to talk to another person while riding the motorcycle and it offers a great sound within the given range. It is easy to install and even easier to use which truly makes motorcycle riding more fun.

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Attitude Custom Motorcycles UK | Choppers, Bobbers & Cafe RacersAttitude Customs

Attitude Customs – a friendly bunch

Friendly Attitude Customs

After spending several hours with Si Harris, the owner and chief fabricator, it was obvious that he’s a genuinely nice, friendly guy who’s passionate about what he does. Attitude Customs has been running for around 5 years, but Si has been turning out great customs for nearly 20 years prior to that from his home workshop.

He’s the South Coast’s leading builder of “Wide Arsed” V Twin bikes and trikes. Si was the first in the UK to build a bike with a 360 section rear end and builder of the world’s first bike to run 360s in both front & rear. The wheel and tyre being supplied by “Taylor Made”, who are the UK’s primary manufacturer of these wide custom billet alloy wheels.

In the workshop are several custom bikes under development for various customers, mostly completely one-off machines from the ground up. Sat in one corner is a lovely V8 bike belonging to Taylor Made. The custom engineering on these machines is all done “in house” at Attitude on their own lathe, milling machine, metal roller etc -with so many toys to play with Si never gets the blues about going to work. During the past few years Attitude Customs has produced 20 Harley Sportster engined Bobbers, one of which has found its way across the channel to a French owner. The larger V twin engines are produced by “Ultima” and are anything from 100 to 127 cubic inches. These big Ultima engines are fitted with decompressers to ease starting.

There are also Harley Davidson V-Rods sat patiently on the benches with the rear ends removed awaiting to have “wide arsed” swingarms & tyres fitted.

Talking of being patient, Si’s own V twin trike has been waiting several years to be completed. With hugely modified Reliant rear axle and monstrously wide wheels and tyres complimented by a lovely long “springer” front end, this little machine is going to be a beast when it’s finally finished.

Not only is Si one lucky guy to have such toys in his workshop, he also has his own supply of bacon butties, cheesey chips and coffee just across the road at Chevy’s Cafe, which is run by his good lady, Fern. Open 7 days a week, with bike night every Thursday. Everyone welcome so get on down there. Chrissie and I can both vouch for the great breakfast we had during our time there.

As you walk into the cafe you’ll see the “Mad HotDog Man” squirting himself with ketchup and mustard -a slightly odd vintage American advertising image. Once you’ve got over that you’ll notice a nice little grey Bobber sat demurely next to it. The owner and builder of this cool machine is none other than “Marshall”, Si and Fern’s young lad. We were informed that young Marshall built this, when he was just 15 years old, in readiness for the age of 16 when he rode it up the driveway to his School Prom! How cool was that, way better than arriving in some Stretched Limo or even a Helicopter. 10 out of 10 for that Marshall, go to the top of the class!

The café’s decorated with various memorabilia on the walls, including photos of some of the bikes that belong to “The Purple Helmets”. No, not the well known crazy moped riding stunt bikers, but a group of bikers who ride out together from Chevy’s Cafe. A row of purple metalflake helmets sits on a shelf, each one bearing the owner’s name. Si’s own helmet carries the name “El Jefe”, which I’m told means “The Boss”. In the style of wartime fighter planes, along with their names the helmets show various stickers -an image of a bike to represent every ride it’s been on, a spanner to indicate a breakdown and a van shows the bike couldn’t be fixed at the roadside and was lifted home in the works van.

Fern and Si are the friendliest, most welcoming people you could hope to meet & offer a complete service to the custom fan, from the bike to the meeting place to the social life.

Don’t take our word for it, get on down there yourself.

Phone Si on 07758 241123 for a quote on any custom work you need doing.

Chevy’s Café opens Mon-Fri 9am-3pm, Sat-Sun 8am-4pm. Thursday Night is Bike Night 5pm-9pm.

Words/photos by TrikerPete & Butterfly


Logan Motorcycle Sales, Inc. : Logan Motorcycle Sales, Inc. – Content

Our Story

       In 1948 Steve Ratz opened Steve’s Duco Shop in the Cherry Tree addition of Logan, WV. Steve’s Duco Shop was a body and maintenance repair shop. By the mid 1950’s business prospered and Steve purchased the land where our business is presently located. The business had grown to include alignment and frame straightening, upholstering, body repair and painting, transmission, and mechanical repair.

        Steve, a long time motorcycle enthusiast, became a dealer for Norton and Ducati motorcycles in 1961. In 1963 Yamaha’s were added. By 1965 Steve added the world’s number one motorcycle, Honda, to our already famous line of motorcycles. Steve’s son, Mike, joined the family business in 1965.

        In 1968 an opportunity arose to get into the retail new car business and we became an American Motors dealership. We sold Ramblers, Ambassadors, and Rebel automobiles. A Jeep franchise was added in 1973. On January 4th, 1974 we incorporated under the name of Logan Motor Sales and Logan Motorcycle Sales. Chrysler Plymouth, and Dodge franchises were added in 1983. In 1988 Mike’s son, Steven, became an active member of our family business. Steve, Mike, and Steven continue to own and operate Logan Motor Sales and Logan Motorcycle Sales. We are proud of our business, our employees, and our contribution to the community. We feel, and stress to our employees, that if our customers get quality sales, service, and product at a fair and reasonable price they will continue to come back to us for their automotive needs.